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Product Development at GAR Labs

Fully staffed with onsite chemists and technicians, with an extensive catalog of prototype formulas on file, we can design your Skin Care and Hair Care line to the exact performance, scent and texture you desire.

Steps for Development of Your Product

The following product development steps were set up to help save you time in finding the right supplier, AND save you money (by not paying brokerage fees). If you have any questions, call GAR Labs at 951-788-0700 or email

1) Start With The Packaging First:

To develop a consumer product you will always need:
(1) Container, (2) Label, (3) 12-Pack Cardboard & (4) a Product Name & Trademark


  1. Contact CONTAINER Companies that are listed on our “Supplier Contact List” (see page 2). Or contact Marcia at (818)282-2626 or Mandie at (310) 393-5511 and work with them to select your Bottle, Jar or Tube and get the minimum order quantities for each. (Expected lead time needed 2-3 weeks)
  2. Get a LABEL for your container, you can use WEST COAST LABEL & DECORATIVE BOXES, the best person there is Kent Gallacher (714)401-9237 OR Cameron (949)395-1496 @ CB Printed Technology, either company will help you in designing the LOGO and graphic ART WORK for your LABEL.  Always get a Plastic Labels for your containers, (Flexible “Primax” Plastic is best)…GOOD NEWS…GAR LABS CAN LABEL your Tubes, Bottles or Jars IN-HOUSE. If you are adding a BAR CODE to your label…here is the 2 websites to getting one:  OR
    (Expected lead time for this step, 3 weeks)
  3. Contact a CARDBOARD BOX Company, Two reliable cardboard box companies are (858)205-9568 or Josh Thomas (951) 250-3886 or (800) 722-5225, and decide on the type and size of Cardboard Box to hold your Bottles, Tubes or Jars. Boxes are typically packed with either 6 or 12 pieces to a box. (Expected lead time needed 2-3 weeks)
  4. Choose a PRODUCT NAME for your product & Trademark it!
    Important! Go to OR to make sure there are no conflicting similar names.
  5. Contact a MARKETING COMPANY for options and info:

2) Finish With The Product Last!

  1. Contact GAR Labs and talk with us about the type of product you want, we will help you decide on the color, fragrance and performance of the product.  We will then send you a representative laboratory sample for you to test and approve.  (Expected lead time needed 2-3 weeks)

  2. After you have completed all the packaging, (Bottle/Jar, Cap LABEL & 12-Pack Cardboard Box), ship all the packaging to GAR Labs.  After we receive all components we will, (1st) Label the Bottle/Jar, (2nd) Manufacture the product, the (3rd) Fill, Cap, Code and (4th) put the completed product into your 12-Pack Cardboard Box on a palletize and hold it for pick-up via the trucking firm you picked…( (800) 686-3871 (local) or (aka TForce) (cross-country)  (Expected lead time needed 6-8 weeks)


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