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FOR HIRE, Hair Care & Skin Care Manufacturing.
Hot & Cold Filling, 5000 Pieces & Up.

Hair Care & Skin Care Manufacturer

Located in Southern California, GAR Labs serves all custom contract manufacturing needs – from laboratory services to mixing to filling to packaging and palletizing.

For Hire, Hair & Skin Care Manufacturer
Hot & Cold Filling, 5,000 Pieces & Up.

Skin Care Manufacturer

Below are many of the Skin Care products and categories that GAR Labs has proven template formulations, to make creating a new product easy we will walk you through the development and manufacturing process providing explanation and insight along the way.

  • Custom Contract Manufacturer Skin Care
  • Skin Care Laboratories
  • Skin Care Manufacturers
  • Skin Crème Manufacturers
  • Skin Cream Manufacturers
  • Natural Lotion Manufacturer
  • Natural Skin Care Manufacturers
  • Natural Crème Manufacturers
  • Natural Cream Manufacturers
  • Natural Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • Lotion Manufacturers
  • Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • Body Balm Manufacturer
  • Natural Body Balm Manufacturer
  • Deodorant Manufacturer
  • Natural Deodorant Manufacturer
  • Stick Deodorant Manufacturer
  • Natural Stick Deodorant Manufacturer
  • Lip Balm Manufacturer
  • Natural Lip Balm Manufacturer
  • Aluminum Tube Filling Services
  • Metal Tube Filling Services

Hair Care Manufacturer

From sexy, high-end brand names to budget-conscious options, below are many of the Hair Care products and categories that GAR Labs has proven template formulations, let our experience as a custom Hair Care manufacturer make the process of developing your product for the market an easy one.

  • Custom Contract Manufacturer Hair Care
  • Hair Care Product Development
  • Hair Care Manufacturer (product development)
  • Natural Hair Care Manufacturers
  • Conditioner Manufacturers
  • Shampoo Manufacturers
  • Hair Care Packaging
  • Hair Care Manufacturers
  • Natural Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • Private Label Hair Care Manufacturers
  • Private Label Hair Care
  • Private Label Shampoo
  • Hair Care Manufacturers
  • Pomade Manufacturers
  • Aluminum Tube Filling Services
  • Metal Tube Filling Services

Skin Care Manufacturing

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The Skin Care Manufacturing Experts

GAR Laboratories is a Skin Care Manufacturer who helps develop the products they way you imagined them.

Our transparent business model and Skin Care manufacturing infrastructure makes GAR Laboratories the proven & cost-effective choice.

We encourage you to visit our state-of-the-art Skin Care Manufacturing laboratory and see the extensive investments we have made that will benefit you.

Our skin care manufacturing capabilities are extensive, giving us the ability to develop a CUSTOM high quality skin care product.

With that said, contact GAR Labs if you would like us to assist in the development of your skin care product.

Hair Care Manufacturing

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The Hair Care Manufacturing Experts

From the laboratory to the store shelves, GAR Labs develop you product they way you imagined.

Our transparent business model and Hair Care Manufacturing services make GAR Laboratories, the easy & cost-effective choice.

We encourage you to visit our state-of-the-art Hair Care Manufacturing campus and see the extensive investment we have made to benefit you.

With that said, please contact us if you would like to develop a new or existing Hair Care product.

Our Hair Care Manufacturing capabilities are extensive.

GAR Labs manufactures high-end salon brands to daily use products – with an extensive library of formulations for each category.

Manufacturing Capabilities

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GAR Labs has increased our manufacturing and storage capabilities with the following:

  • 100,000+ pieces total combined daily total production capacity.
  • Automated temperature tracking to ensure consistent results.
  • ALL TANKS are insulated jacketed for heating and cooling to improve batch processing efficiency (55 to 3,000 gallon capacities).
  • Vacuum Mixing Tank. Steam jacketed, with sweep and dispersion capabilities (60 to 600 gallon capacities).
  • Vacuum pump to pull all air bubbles out of any gel or paste prior to filling.

Water Demineralization and Sterilization Systems

In order to ensure the highest quality and longest shelf life, all GAR manufactured water based products are made with purified, de-mineralized, bacteria-free water.

Our water purification system includes:

  • 4 stage deionization systems that removes the minerals, then it is forced to pass though
  • 8-Ultraviolet lights that irradiates the water as is passes by that immediately kills all bacteria, then it is forced through
  • 8-Sub-Micron (.25) filters that remove any trace particles or dead bacteria that is present in the freshly de-mineralized and irradiated water.

This freshly purified water is circulated through the Manufacturing Department, Filling Department, and Sanitation Area where it repeats the trek through the purification loop again where it is irradiated and sub-micron filtered…every 60 seconds until used!

Cold Filling

GAR Labs can Fill (& Label) any BOTTLE, JAR or TUBE due to our extensive specialized filling equipment that we have acquired over the last 30+ years.

GAR Labs can quickly fill & assemble up to 100,000+ pieces per day. 

For any mixing or filling questions please call, or email us at

Hot Filling

When it comes to ‘Hot Filled Products’ GAR Labs has a dedicated ‘Hot Filling ‘ department – Lip Balms, Stick Deodorants, Hair Pomades and Body Balms…(basically anything that needs to be melted and then cooled sloooowly). 

We found that hot filled products look and perform significantly better when they are SLOWLY cooled over 20-30 minutes versus being surface-only cooled in 5 minutes; which can create a lot of ugly cracking and shrinking problems.

Beyond a cosmetic benefit, slow cooling reduces trapped moisture and therefore dramatically minimizes opportunity for bacteria to grow. You will have none of these moisture and cracking issues with GAR Labs (2) 10-Lane Serpentine Conveyor Hot Fill Cooling Tunnels.

Steps for Development

Fully staffed with onsite chemists and technicians, with an extensive catalog of prototype formulas on file, we can design your Skin Care and Hair Care line to the exact performance, scent and texture you desire.

Product Development at GAR Labs

The following product development step were set up to help save you time in finding the right supplier, AND save you money (by not paying brokerage fees). If you have any questions, call GAR Labs at 951-788-0700 or email

1) Start With The Packaging First:

To develop a consumer product you will always need:
(1) Container, (2) Label, (3) 12-Pack Cardboard & (4) a Product Name & Trademark


  1. Contact CONTAINER Companies that are listed on our “Supplier Contact List”. Marcia at (818)282-2626 would be a good start, UNLESS you need squeeze TUBES, then contact (949)-458-0050. Then have the container or tube company send you about 6 samples of each type of Bottle, Jar or Tube that you picked, and get the price AND the minimum order quantities needed for each. (Expected lead time needed 2-3 weeks)
  2. Get a LABEL for your container, you can use WEST COAST LABEL & DECORATIVE BOXES, the best person their is Kent Gallacher (714)401-9237 OR Garth (714) 634-3466 at, either company will help you in designing the LOGO and graphic ART WORK for your LABEL. Always get a Plastic Labels for your containers, (Flexible “Primax” Plastic is best)…GOOD NEWS…GAR LABS CAN LABEL your Tubes, Bottles or Jars IN-HOUSE. If you are adding a BAR CODE to your label…here is the link to getting one: OR
    (Expected lead time for this step, 3 weeks)
  3. Contact a CARDBOARD BOX Company, Two reliable cardboard box companies are (858)205-9568 or Chris Diblasi (909)215-8935 or (800) 722-5225, and decide on the type and size of Cardboard Box to hold your Bottles, Tubes or Jars. They are typically packed either 6 or 12 pieces to a box. (Expected lead time needed 2-3 weeks)
  4. Choose a PRODUCT NAME for your product & Trademark it!
    Important! Go to OR to make sure there is no conflicting similar names.

2) Finish With The Product Last!

  1. Contact GAR Labs and talk with us about the type of product you want, we will help you decide on the color, fragrance and performance of the product. We will then send you a representative laboratory sample for you to test and approve.
  2. After you have completed all the packaging, (Bottle/Jar, Cap LABEL & 12-Pack Cardboard Box), ship all the packaging to GAR Labs. After we receive all components we will, (1st) Label the Bottle/Jar, (2nd) Manufacture the product, the (3rd) Fill, Cap, Code and (4th) put the completed product into your 12-Pack Cardboard Box on a palletize and hold it for pick-up via the trucking firm you picked…(like (local) or (cross-country)


Click the button below to see an extensive list of suppliers that we believe to be fairly priced, and will work with you to find the right packaging or service.

View Our List of Suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions

GAR Labs primary business model is focused on higher volume custom manufacturing, filling and packaging of Traditional and Natural Hair Care and Skin Care formulations for mid-size mass-marketers, and due to this higher-volume, low-cost market specialization our qualifying minimum is 5,000 pcs Per Product.

Good News!  GAR would like help you keep your starting costs down AND take the financial risk out of getting to know us.  We don’t charge for any formulation or development work; we only charge for the finished product…you can ‘Test Drive’ us all day until you are fully satisfied with your product!

To get samples and pricing for a specific product you would like to develop just email us the ingredients…OR send us a prototype and we will develop laboratory samples for you to test…as well as sending you the pricing so that you can see what the project will cost…OR feel free to call us any time and we can quickly go over the details of what you would like us to create…or duplicate.  (Allow 2 weeks to formulate and ship samples)

Our regulatory department can offer guidance to ensure your labels are in compliance with all federal, state and local cosmetics labeling and packaging regulations.

A 50% deposit is required to initiate the purchase of the ingredients for your order.

Estimated 6-8 weeks, depending on the availability of all your ingredients and receipt of your packaging.

We also offer product in 55 gallon drums and 250 gallon totes (aka BULK) for filling overseas or at an alternate domestic location. (Estimated 3-5 weeks, depending on the availability of all your ingredients)  Our “Bulk” order minimum is 110 Gallons per product.

Company Checks, Personal Checks and Cash are acceptable forms of payment.

Freight is F.O.B. our factory, Riverside, California…Customers are responsible for arranging all shipping and covering all costs.
Visit for shipping company recommendations.


Shipping & Warehouse

To help take the risk and mystery out of shipping full pallets of your completed hair and skin care products direct to retailers we keep it simple and recommend the following companies, LOCAL to Southern California: 

Hollywood Delivery Systems (Local) 

UPS Freight (Cross Country or Overseas)

Sooner Logistics
(Warehouse & Inventory Solutions)
(805) 222-2030

Sooner Logistics is one of the only long-term Warehousing & Distribution company that we found that picks up your product with their OWN TRUCKS…which means you don’t have to find a trucking company pick up the pallets, they cover that and that’s one less thing to worry about, it makes warehousing simple.

Solar & Green Technology

GAR Labs not only believes in Solar and Green Technology, we invested heavily in it with the installation of over 02,000+ solar panels (that generates more than 565,000 watts of solar energy) which supplies between 70% to 100% of GAR Labs energy requirements every week…AND gives GAR Labs a VERY low carbon foot-print…which is great for the environment!

As you can imagine this massive solar investment allows GAR Labs to maximize our energy efficiency, minimize waste, reduce climate-damaging emissions…AND encourage environmental saving values.

In addition to installing over 2,000+ solar panels to create electricity, GAR Labs has installed a lot of other devices to save electricity…like…installing motion activated lighting in ALL 5 buildings plus adding 100’s of low energy demand lights…and converting to soft-start electric motors and energy saving compressors that combined use dramatically less electricity, which reduces their carbon footprint…and their overall effect on the environment.

As you can tell at GAR Labs we are intimately linked with the health of our planet.  We are seriously doing our part to minimize our impact on the environment and to reduce GAR Labs dependence on the power grid…which helps you because by cutting our overall energy costs by over 70%…it keeps GAR…and you competitive…it’s win-win, helping the environment and helping you.

Contact GAR Labs


Contact GAR today for helpful answers to your questions and directly to speak with a member of our team.

We thank you for visiting and look forward to talking to you!

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