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Solar & Green Technology

When it comes to GAR Labs commitment to reduce GAR Labs Carbon Footprint and be a true Green Manufacturer, GAR Labs invested heavily in it with the installation of over 2,000+ Solar Panels (that generates more than 565,000 watts of solar energy) which supplies between 80% to 100% of GAR Labs energy requirements every week…which gives GAR Labs a VERY low Carbon Foot-Print…and reduces climate-damaging emissions from power plants.

Solar & Green Technology 1

When it comes to Saving Electricity during the hot summer months GAR Labs installed 8 Ice-Energy’s, Ice Bears, they are large freezer units that lower our office cooling bills by making 500 gallons of ice in the middle of the night (when electricity is cheap) or “off-peak hours” and using the stored ice as the primary refrigerant to cool our offices during the day (when electricity is 5-10 times more expensive) or “On Peak hours”, AND by shifting the electricity coolant demand to the middle of the night it cut our office cooling bills by over 50%.

Speaking of lowering our day time electrical demand, we have installed 100’s of motion activated LED lights in ALL 5 buildings, AND converted to Soft-Start electric motors and Variable Frequency Drive compressorswhich overall cut our electricity demand by over 50% and our overall carbon footprint and effect on the environment

Solar & Green Technology 2

To dramatically lower our water usage during the purification process we switched to a Deionization Demineralizing System, the upside of this system at getting minerals out of the water is that it attracts and holds onto ONLY the minerals and lets ALL the water pass thru, this ‘green way’ of demineralizing and purifying our manufacturing water ended up saving GAR Labs 10,000 gallon a day versus the wasteful old-school way of using reverse osmosis, which filters the minerals into a concentrate that is flushed down the drain….Not green at all.

Solar & Green Technology 3

Last but not least, GAR Labs has installed 6 Electric Car charging stations for employees and guests. If they drive an electric car to GAR we will pay to recharge it.

As you can tell GAR Labs is serious about minimizing our impact on the environment AND to reducing our dependence on the power grid.   By lowering our overall energy costs by 70% it lets GAR Labs give you competitive pricing…we feel it’s win-win, helping you and the planet.

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