Solar & Green Technology

GAR Labs not only believes in Solar and Green Technology, we invested heavily in it with the installation of over 1800 solar panels (that generates more than 500,000 watts of solar energy) which supplies between 70% to 100% of GAR Labs energy requirements every week…AND gives GAR Labs a VERY low carbon foot-print…which is great for the environment!

As you can imagine this massive solar investment allows GAR Labs to maximize our energy efficiency, minimize waste, reduce climate-damaging emissions…AND encourage environmental saving values.

Solar & Green Technology 1

In addition to installing over 1800 solar panels to create electricity, GAR Labs has installed a lot of other devices to save electricity…like…installing motion activated lighting in ALL 5 buildings plus adding 100’s of low energy demand lights…and converting to soft-start electric motors and energy saving compressors that combined use dramatically less electricity, which reduces their carbon footprint…and their overall effect on the environment.

Solar & Green Technology 3

GAR has installed 4 Electric Vehicle car charging stations onsite for employees and guests.

As you can tell at GAR Labs we are intimately linked with the health of our planet.  We are seriously doing our part to minimize our impact on the environment and to reduce GAR Labs dependence on the power grid…which helps you because by cutting our overall energy costs by over 70%…it keeps GAR…and you competitive…it’s win-win, helping the environment and helping you with lower costs.

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