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Customer Testimonials

GAR Labs Five Star Google Reviews
Jasmine Wright
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They are great people, even if u are not sure how much u should get still Call in they can help with references and answering questions u may have. Very helpful, very kind! Looking forward to working more with them in the future.
Kelly King
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GAR products and Customer Services are Top Tier! Thank you Tom! For your consideration and recommendations to a manufacturer most suited for my clientele, which is highly respectable and greatly appreciated.
Lucy Bermudez
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Tom is very knowledgeable and has 30+ plus years in this business. He emphasizes treating his partners and consumers with respect and gives sound advice. Glad I came across GAR labs! Highly recommend
Gurukirn Khalsa
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These guys are awesome! Tom Raffy is extremely helpful in providing options and offering first class formulating and manufacturing. They are a rare breed of service and expertise. GK
Anya Wolfenden
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Incredibly knowledgeable, helpful professionals. Grateful to discover their large capacity for quality, solar-powered manufacturing of cosmetics.
Linda Langenbacher
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These people are very helpful. Ask them any question that you would like. If they can help, even if the business is not for them, they will do so.
Sandra Luna
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This group is top notch. So helpful from beginning to end. I can't rave enough about this lab. Highly recommend.
Annelise Quintanar
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Excellent customer service. Tom Raffy is a pleasure to work with. I appreciate his honesty and extensive efforts in helping me with my manufacturing.
Hunter Family
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If you are looking to work with an honest and kind company, I 100% recommend GarLabs. The owner Tom is very helpful and knowledgeable and I’m very thankful for all of the assistance I received.
Shayne Brown
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Top notch. My current MOQ needs were below the GAR minimums but Tom was kind enough to point me to a couple of labs who were a good fit for me. That my friends is not only professional courtesy but great business as well. Thanks for your help Tom.
Iyanosa Ogbevoen
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I reached out to this company to inquire about an order of 1000 units. The CEO emailed me back to tell me that they had a 5000 minimum in a kind manner. He then went over and beyond to tell me about other companies that would complete my order and wished me luck. That simple gesture lets me know that this guy goes over and beyond for his business and will help others even though they can't help him!
Rob Kess
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While unfortunately GAR labs no longer offers the services I was looking for, Tom was extremely helpful and referred me to several other companies that might be able to help me. Very unexpected, especially since GAR Labs won't be benefitting from any business I do with them.

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