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Hot & Cold Filling, 5000 Pieces & Up.


GAR Labs has increased our manufacturing and storage capabilities with the following:

  • 100,000+ pieces total combined daily total production capacity.
  • Automated temperature tracking to ensure consistent results.
  • ALL TANKS are insulated jacketed for heating and cooling to improve batch processing efficiency (55 to 3,000 gallon capacities).
  • Vacuum Mixing Tank. Steam jacketed, with sweep and dispersion capabilities (60 to 600 gallon capacities).
  • Vacuum pump to pull all air bubbles out of any gel or paste prior to filling.
  • Aluminum Tube Filling Services and Metal Tube Filling Services.
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Water Demineralization and Sterilization Systems

In order to ensure the highest quality and longest shelf life, all GAR manufactured water based products are made with purified, de-mineralized, bacteria-free water.

Our water purification system includes:

  • 4 stage deionization systems that removes the minerals, then it is forced to pass though
  • 8-Ultraviolet lights that irradiates the water as is passes by that immediately kills all bacteria, then it is forced through
  • 8-Sub-Micron (.25) filters that remove any trace particles or dead bacteria that is present in the freshly de-mineralized and irradiated water.

This freshly purified water is circulated through the Manufacturing Department, Filling Department, and Sanitation Area where it repeats the trek through the purification loop again where it is irradiated and sub-micron filtered…every 60 seconds until used!

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