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GAR Labs is an industrial manufacturer partner for your hair care and skin care product lines. Based in Southern California, headquartered in the city of Riverside, we have a team of onsite chemists, manufacturers and ingredient specialists to formulate, develop, manufacture and package your product for distribution across the West Coast and throughout North America.

We specialize in hair care and skin care products, with an emphasis on companies looking for a manufacturing partner capable of industrial quantities. GAR Labs focuses on speed to market (10-12 week production timeline in most cases), ingredient quality and excellence in meeting the requirements of our customers.

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Skin Care Manufacturer

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GAR Labs Skin Care Manufacturer – Southern California

Outsourcing the manufacturing of a skin care product line can feel like a daunting step for a business of any size – legal agreements, product formulas, ingredient sourcing, packaging specifications, production timelines – a trusted and experienced manufacturing partner like GAR Labs is able to serve as a guide in this process.

Most clients that work with GAR have existing experience in the hair care or skin care industries and are looking to ‘step up’ their production levels to leverage better pricing at industrial quantities. 

At any level, there are common practices which should be considered when developing skin care products with a manufacturer partner like GAR Labs:

  • Learn their manufacturing process – it may seem technical, but always have a potential skin care manufacturer spend time to explain and show their process. You should walk away feeling educated and informed.
  • Great ingredients make great products – where does the manufacturer source their materials and can they obtain specialty ingredients?
  • Legal protection is a must when trusting a partner with intellectual property. Does the partner seem like they have proper organization and security in place?
  • Develop lab samples – does the lab charge a development or sample fee (Hint: GAR Labs doesn’t!)? If so, find out the process for reviewing and providing feedback to avoid costly hidden fees.
  • Timeline – once a lab sample is agreed upon and quantities / prices established, a timeline for production and fulfillment is critical to establish. Shipping and off-site storage also need to be considered for larger production runs.
  • Batch Samples – after a batch of product has been created, find out if you have the option to test and approve before bottling / packaging. Most facilities have internal performance and stability testing.
  • When things go wrong – an important question to ask is what happens when there is an issue with the product, is there an insurance policy in place or an agreement for liability? While uncommon, it is important to know this information ahead of making a decision for a manufacturing partner.

Lotion Manufacturer

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GAR Labs Lotion Manufacturer – Southern California

As an industry leading skin care and hair care manufacturer, GAR Labs offers tremendous experience in development and manufacturing of lotions – from high end specialty to mass market economy. Our commitment is to provide you with quality products that consistently meet your customers’ expectations. The streamlined industrial capabilities of GAR Labs is designed specifically to save you time and money while also getting products to market fast.

As a skin care manufacturer GAR Labs is continually perfecting formulas, learning new ingredients and phasing out harsh chemicals in place of natural alternatives. Whether it be lotion for face, hands, décolleté, legs or feet, our team of formulators and chemists have years of skin care manufacturing experience to provide insightful advice and education. 

GAR Labs has worked with thousands of customers and hundreds of national and international skin care brands. We look forward to the opportunity of learning about how GAR Labs can help develop the best product possible for your customers.

What makes a great lotion? Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Skin Type – Before beginning any selection, understand the skin type of the typical customer for your brand. If there isn’t a one-size-fits-all, the best solution might be to have several options to offer customers and educate them on picking the right one.
  • Apply Wet or Dry – In most cases, immediately after showering on skin that’s still slightly damp is optimal. Any moisturizer will always work better on slightly damp skin, experts say. 
  • Seasons – Is there a time of year that is better for dry therapy ingredients? Perhaps a chance to customize products to your customers and increase their purchase cycle.

Hair Care Manufacturer

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GAR Labs Hair Care Manufacturer – Southern California

GAR Laboratories has built an impeccable reputation in the skin care and hair care industry for our ability to formulate and manufacture industrial quantities of product for our customers with precision and consistency. The combined expertise of our professional staff, both executive and lab, is dedicated to meet the needs and challenges our customers face in today’s beauty markets.

One of the key strengths of GAR Labs is our on-site formulation lab staffed with professional chemists. This enables GAR to bring your idea from the lab bench to a final product, efficiently and securely – your formula and intellectual property never leaves our campus.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Southern California in the city of Riverside. We invite you to visit our multi-building campus for an in person tour. GAR Labs proudly serves a wide variety of private and corporate clients throughout the world, with specific focus on delivering products to the West Coast and North America.

GAR Laboratories has been supplying the beauty industry for 30+ years with consistent and quality driven products. Our business is to assist you in customizing your vision of your product line and image. Every product manufactured is produced by using sourced materials that are in accordance with industry standards.

Our Quality Control team consists of skilled and highly trained individuals in every aspect of the manufacturing process. In our lab; batches are measured and tested to assure product specifications. The QA staff consistently sample products to assure consistent fills, labeling and packaging specifications. Our compounders and batch makers receive regular training educating them about materials and safe handling.

Let us help make your hair care product a success for your customers.

Deodorant Manufacturer

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GAR Labs Deodorant Manufacturer – Southern California

The right partner can generate a new deodorant formula or enhance an existing product and then manufacture your product with consistency and fidelity. When it comes time for your customers to use and depend on your deodorant, the right manufacturing partner will provide you with confidence and performance or your product to help build a consumer brand reputation.

Working with GAR Labs or any other manufacturer, we help source and coordinate custom / specialty ingredients, packaging components, labels, tamper evident seals, etc.

If you are looking to produce a deodorant to include with an existing skin care line, GAR Labs offers decades of formulation experience to provide insight and education on formulating the right deodorant for your brand and customer. 

While formulation and ingredients vary between products according to performance requirements, the major decision often involves application. GAR Labs can help you whether the product is to be supplied airless pump, roll-on, gel or stick form. Regardless of application method, the basic manufacturing process for deodorant is universally the same: 

  • Individual product container is prepared, this is the oil or “continuous phase.” 
  • Flake/powder ingredients are added into the oil phase using appropriate dispersion methods.
  • The “dispersed phase” is prepared separately. Typically this is aqueous, however stick deodorants usually do not contain water; the dispersed phase could also be oil based.
  • The active ingredient is dispersed into this phase. Suspending agents may be added. 
  • The phases are combined to form an emulsion.
  • The active ingredient is sometimes added at this later stage.
  • Gelling agents or polymers are added to stick products to form structure.
  • Fragrance and coloring are added.
  • The product is poured into individual containers and cooled slowly to avoid heat cracking.

Pomade Manufacturer

Southern California 5

GAR Labs Pomade Manufacturer – Southern California

Pomade is a scented ointment applied to the hair or scalp and comes in two major types – oil-based and water-based. Oil-based pomade is the original type and made with real grease and fatty ingredients to produce its shine and hold. Water-based pomade is water soluble, easier to wash out than oil-based pomades, and – generally speaking – usually better for the health of your scalp. GAR Labs is able to assist in the formulation of a new pomade product or refinement upon an existing product. 

The ingredient specialists at GAR Labs can advise on how to adjust the formula of your pomade to an ideal balance for different hair types and styles – allowing your customers to experience an exceptional product.

Depending upon their need for using wet or dry, slick or shiny, flat or voluminous, the GAR Labs development will work with you to find the perfect balance of performance and value.

Tips for development of a pomade:

  • Hair Type – Determine the type of hair your customers are most likely to desire a product made for specific application – straight, curly, kinky, wavy, short or thick.
  • Beards – Hair care products are no longer just for the scalp, many customers are seeking product for facial hair in this growing market.
  • Strength – Desire of flexibility vs precision hold
  • Scent – What scents are most pleasing and complimentary to your customers
  • Removal – do customers want something easier to remove (water based) or longer lasting (oil based)
  • Retail Price – it is important to be price competitive and adjust ingredient selection. GAR Labs offers industry leading pricing models to help you achieve stronger market position

About GAR Labs

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