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When it comes to ‘Hot Filled Products’ GAR Labs has a dedicated ‘Hot Filling ‘ department – Lip Balms, Stick Deodorants, Hair Pomades and Body Balms…(basically anything that needs to be melted and then cooled sloooowly). 

GAR Labs offers hot filling and cold filling capabilities perfect for pomade manufacturing for products that need to be manufactured at a single or multiple temperature levels. Our manufacturing process is fully automated with every step of the process logged to ensure temperature control – giving you the confidence every single filled product has not been burnt or undercooked.

When manufacturing pomade personal care products, it is critical the product remain heated at a constant temperature – hot filled products quickly congeal and harden if a heated fill temperature is not maintained. With GAR Labs, our equipment is built to monitor and ensure every component of each system used to manufacture your product is calibrated, monitored and reviewed to certify the creation of each batch.

We found that hot filled products look and perform significantly better when they are SLOWLY cooled over 20-30 minutes versus being surface-only cooled in 5 minutes; which can create a lot of ugly cracking and shrinking problems.

Personal care product manufacturing with industrial (5,000 min.) production levels allows GAR Labs to provide flexibility for a wide range of viscosity and container sizes – allowing for impressive production capacity and low per-unit pricing. In order to insure we do not aerate pomade products, GAR Labs utilizes filling systems with a bottom up fill, positive shutoff nozzles as you can see in the accompanying video.

As with every product manufactured by GAR Labs, we do not comprise accuracy, reliability or quality which is your maximum return-on-investment.

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Beyond a cosmetic benefit, slow cooling reduces trapped moisture and therefore dramatically minimizes opportunity for bacteria to grow. You will have none of these moisture and cracking issues with GAR Labs (2) 10-Lane Serpentine Conveyor Hot Fill Cooling Tunnels.

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