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With GAR Labs as a manufacturing partner for your deodorant product, we bring decades of experience in the formulation and manufacture process.

For all deodorant products, we find that hot filled products look and perform significantly better when they are SLOWLY cooled over 20-30 minutes versus being surface-only cooled in 5 minutes; which can create a lot of ugly cracking and shrinking problems.

Deodorants stop odor by breaking down skin bacteria with biocides and masking odor through fragrances. In some deodorants, an antiperspirant reduces the amount of available water on the skin with astringents, most commonly aluminum ingredients. Both deodorants and antiperspirant products are generally water in oil or water in silicone emulsions, containing a mixture of active ingredients (biocides or aluminum salts), emulsifiers, gelling, suspending or thickening agents, waxes, emollients, preservatives, colorants and fragrance.

Natural Deodorant Manufacturer
Natural deodorants are a popular choice for consumers seeking effective protection without the introduction of unnecessary chemicals to gently help control odor. GAR Labs is able to source specialty ingredients from around the world to assist in the formulation of your product – whether coconut oil, baking soda, shea butter, arrowroot, cornstarch, waxes, and common essential oils of lavender, lemon, cypress, and rosemary.

Antiperspirant Deodorant Manufacturer
At the very core of many of many customers consistent purchasing habits is effective underarm antiperspirant deodorants. Most commercial react with electrolytes from body sweat to congeal in the duct of a gland, preventing sweat. GAR Labs offers a variety of ingredients and mixtures of active ingredients to assist in the formulation of a deodorant product that meets your performance requirements.

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Beyond a cosmetic benefit, slow cooling reduces trapped moisture and therefore dramatically minimizes opportunity for bacteria to grow. You will have none of these moisture and cracking issues with GAR Labs (2) 10-Lane Serpentine Conveyor Hot Fill Cooling Tunnels.

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