Solar & Green Technology

GAR not only believes in Solar and Green Technology, we invested heavily in it with the installation of 300,000 watts (1200+ panels) of solar energy (expanded from 100,000 watts when the above video was shot). This allows GAR Labs to maximize energy efficiency, minimize waste, reduce climate-damaging emissions, and encourage environmental values. Working with West Coast Electric, we have installed motion activated lighting, hundreds of low energy demand fixtures and an assortment of other low power consumption practices enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint and overall effect on the environment.

Here at GAR we are intimately linked with the health of our planet. We’re doing our part to minimize our impact on the environment and to reduce our dependence on the power grid. The combination of power management and GAR’s massive solar installation, not only lowered the factory’s overall operating costs it cut them in half. Which keeps GAR, and you, competitive.