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GAR Labs can Fill OR Label ANY Tube, Bottle or Jar due to the extensive variety of specialized filling equipment that we have acquired of the last 25 years.

As you can see in the equipment list below, our broad variety gives GAR Lab the ability to accurately fill and label ANY liquid or cream, from Alcohol to Paste, at speeds up to 120 pieces per minute, which can quickly generate 100,000 pieces per day or 500,000 pieces per week.

We are proud of the improvements that have taken place this year, and should you need any additional information about our manufacturing, filling or storage capabilities please call or email and we will get you the answers you need.

Below is a list of the type of Fillers and Labelers:


3 High Speed TUBE FILLERS 120 ppm 50,000pc/shift
1 12-Station BOTTLE & JAR FILLER 120 ppm 50,000pc/shift
2 6-Station BOTTLE & JAR FILLER 60 ppm 25,000pc/shift
1 12-Station FOAMY PRODUCT FILLER 60 ppm 25,000pc/shift
1 4-Station HOT FILLER for Deodorants & Chap sticks 60 ppm 25,000pc/shift
1 4-Station GALLON FILLER 30 ppm 10,000pc/shift



2 High Speed In-Line FRONT & BACK Labelers for Square Bottles or Jars 120 ppm 50,000pc/shift
2 In-Line Full WRAP LABELERS for Round Bottles or Jars 60 ppm 25,000pc/shift
4 Semi-Automatic Full WRAP LABELERS for Round Bottles or Jars 30 ppm 12,500pc/shift
2 In-Line TOP & BOTTOM Spot Labelers 60 ppm 25,000pc/shift